We look to the past and build the future.

Creating a warm family atmosphere with more than 200 experienced staff and the best service quality has been our most essential principles

As GÜNEYLİLER YAPI, we know very well that we will make the most significant contribution to our country by working together. On the one hand, we are proud of our past achievements; on the other hand, we look to the future with hope.


• To ensure unconditional customer satisfaction by continually developing our products and services in line with customer requests;
• To consistently improve our costs and productivity to increase our competitiveness;
• To increase the market share in the building materials industry by reaching new users in target regions and markets;
• Continuous improvement towards excellence in worker health and safety and environmental protection;
• To support the progress of employees with a principled, responsible and motivational leadership approach in order to make our company successful today and in the future, to ensure that the workers use their potential at the highest level, to increase their participation;
• To support and develop flexible teamwork that can meet the needs in line with changing economic conditions;


Our mission is to be a globally active company that is preferred with its material reliability, product variety, service quality, and price, while providing the highest quality professional service possible to our existing customers, solution partners and construction companies; to create a business environment where education, creativity, respect, occupational safety, and personal development are adopted as the main principles.

Deep-Rooted, Reliable, Trustworthy!

GÜNEYLİLER YAPI delivers its wide range of products reaching 120,000 types faster thanks to its wide service network. The company, which is the dealer, primary seller, or seller of more than 15 domestic and foreign companies that have proven themselves to the world in their industry in terms of quality and product variety, serves our valued customers with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction.

We are proud of being one of the leading companies in the sector!

GÜNEYLİLER KOLEKTİF founded as a modest business in 1982, became a Limited Company that is started to lay the foundations of corporate infrastructure as GÜNEYLİLER YAPI in 2001. Serving in the construction market for more than 40 years, GÜNEYLİLER YAPI takes pride in being one of the leading companies in the sector with its accurate and fast delivery principle together with a total of 35.000 m2 store and storage area.

All of our products are in stock in our store!

Our warehouse, which is integrated into a technological infrastructure and located in Çayırova, operates entirely with a barcode system. We produce quick and secure solutions to our customers with our wide product range.

Service in 3 Different Continents!

While GÜNEYLİLER YAPI experienced its first abroad experience in the Baku Azerbaijan market in 1994, it continued to expand its service network in Tanzania African market in the field of shops and assembly in 2013.

Quality in Product, Quality in Service!

GÜNEYLİLER YAPI consistently improves its product range and offers you the most suitable solutions with its experienced and expert staff by providing the general product supply of leading companies from Ceramic-Sanitary wares to Steel Door products, from Kitchen products to wood and parquet works, from interior design projects to exploration and assembly services.